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Silver Insanity

Wolfwalker Braided Sweetgrass Herb Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet 7"

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  • Fits a 7" Wrist to 7.25" Wrist
  • 1/2" Wide Tapering to 1/4"
  • Weight is 20.8 Grams
  • Nickel Free Silver
  • Marked 925

Sweetgrass is a ceremonial herb used by North American Plains Indians and some Canadian Tribes. It is dried, braided, and burned while the smoke and sweet aroma is used to bless people and objects with a positive spirit. Also used in marriage ceremonies, a braid of sweetgrass is tied into a hoop with the couple holding it as they take their vows. It is symbolic of their joining as one in mind, body and spirit. Bracelet is crafted of sterling silver and signed.